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Here’s one of our sites that implemented a back linking campaign for better search rankings. This site is only using the PaidBackLink network for links.

These stats were gathered for just a few main keywords already found in the copy on my site. They’re relevant to my brand & product. Just look at the increase in traffic!

Here you can see the steady addition of backlinks over time, and how it directly relates to our increase in traffic!

How Did We Do it So Quickly?

Blog networks – the best method available.

Normally, you pitch your product to bloggers, you’re lucky if they respond and pitch your product, and the price varies from place to place. It takes a long time & even more effort to get results.

What we’ve done, and what we’re offering to you, is a slick new way to get blog mentions you’re looking for without having to reach out and contact bloggers directly.

We’ve created a network of thousands of blogs that are willing and ready to post links to their blogs – it’s worked for us, and now it can work for you. This has HUGE traffic-driving potential and best of all, the traffic is FREE.


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You’re probably asking yourself now how legitimate this can be. There’s no risk whatsoever, and here’s why.

We’ve been in the SEO business for a long time. We’ve worked on hundreds of websites, and know the most cost effective methods to getting great ranking. We’ve been able to build out an automated system that you can use to get right to the meat of page rank, without the hassle of paying for an SEO professional.

Our interface is slick, easy to use, and easy to understand. If you don’t understand something, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

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“BRILLIANT! The quality of this system is un-paralleled to any other link building product I have ever seen. The sheer size and efficiency is truly an anomaly in the realm of do-it-yourself SEO”

Robert Garcia

Where do I start? Michael, you and your team are amazing! The fact that I now have the ability to buy backlinks to my heart’s desire and the fact that I can see exactly where each backlink has been dropped makes this service #1 in my opinion.

Trisha Haney has made the process of building one way backlinks super easy. I was able to drive 500+ backlinks to my site literally within minutes of signing up. I highly recommend their service.

Shari Houser

This is how it works:

  • You establish which keywords you’d like to target to drive relevant traffic to your site
  • You decide on a URL to point the keyword(s) to
  • You decide how many links you’d like for each of the keywords
  • You click submit.
  • You’re DONE! The system starts building out your backlinks and you can check the status of your campaign at any time.

So why isn’t everyone using this?

It’s BRAND NEW. Networks this large and robust haven’t existed before – and even more, there hasn’t been an interface like this to use them properly.

You’re posting REAL links to REAL blogs managed and posted to by REAL people.

It’s profitable for everyone involved.

Because each blog is managed and posted to by a real person, Google loves it. This is REAL, LEGITIMATE back linking.

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You can expect:

  • More traffic
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  • Increased sales
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